February 2023


09 Feb, 2023 |
Observations from Kansas
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January 2023 Haiku & Journal

08 Feb, 2023 |
I wrote a haiku every day this month. Dig in.
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January 2023

A Song I Have Borrowed From Often

04 Jan, 2023 |
Every Tuesday I Provide A Song On My Youtube Channel. Please visit and subscribe. There shall be no pain.
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November 2022
Listen to my very first recordings, made by Jurek Podulka in Prague.
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September 2022

For Japan

02 Sep, 2022 |
I made a tour record for my Japanese tour in 2015. A few instrumental recordings plus some alternate takes of new songs I was working on at the time. It is available on Bandcamp only.
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August 2022

Bootleg Beck Interview Part TWO

17 Aug, 2022 |
Part Two of a bootleg interview I did with Beck Hansen in the back of my VW Bus parked outside Bernie's Bagels in Columbus, Ohio on April 7th, 1994.
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June 2022

North American Songwriter

12 Jun, 2022 |
New Kickstarter project. Pick your favorite Easton originals for a very special DOUBLE VINYL LP.
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May 2022

Searching For Beck

03 May, 2022 |
Here is the full transcription of Part One of my interview with Beck on April 7, 1994. For the audio go to my YouTube channel.
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January 2022

True Sentences From Summer Tour

20 Jan, 2022 |
I wrote this after some experiences I had on the road in 2005. This is a true story. Seventeen years after writing this, I am now applying for graduate school. How is that for slow learning?! The important thing is that I am still learning. Photo by yours truly. I think I was on the Massachusetts Turnpike when I snapped this out of the window of my vehicle.
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November 2021
Another amazing train ride across Denmark, from Horsens to Copenhagen, and lots of thoughts to report...this is the first one I'm actually going to post from the train itself, using the internet that comes with the train. I really am whirling through the countryside as I type this summary, and I just took that picture of the bridge and sun a few minutes ago.
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